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Friday, 17 April 2015

Earn Money Online In India Without Investment For Students

  GAURAV MISHRA       Friday, 17 April 2015

Recently I have spoken in my post about How to Make Money with Bidvertiser (Extra Way for Earning) and I will try to make money  in future more. What works for me in one niche, may not be working for you for another.

I received many emails every week from my readers asking me how to make money from my website? What should I do?(Also See: 19 Great Ideas you now can build Passive Income)
My answer is same to you all, it depends you how big your site is how it is new website, what niche you are in, what is your goal, aim, etc. My today’s post will answer your questions about what monetization technique is best for your website.

Passes of years I have tried dozens of new tricks for earning money, if not hundreds of ideas and ways to make money from my websites. Some worked me and some failed, it is very important that if you try something and it doesn’t work, don’t just give up. The main reason I have seen many peoples fail with their business online, as they give up too soon without spending more time for their business. 
 For earning money it requires some time. Take a look at screenshot below from my inbox of all the emails from PayPal, notifying me that I have earned money:

Ways to Monetize Your Websites

Sell Advertising Space

The most popular way of making money from a website is by placing ads on your own website. We all know what it is, but it can make you money in different ways, such as Paid Per Click, Paid Per Time Frame or Paid Per 1000 Views.
The most common way of advertising is Google Adsense which is PPC program; however a many peoples know what is Adsense this  industry so perhaps in those markets the other too may be more profitable.
If you want to sell advertising on your website I recommend either complete site domination with Google Adsense, ad place is very important, where you can put it on the website can be the difference between $15 a day and a $50. If you are having more traffic or depending on your industry I recommend you sell a small amount of advertising at the highest price possible.
  • Often Guaranteed Income
  • Much Little effort to monetize
  • Great ways to connect with others in your industry.

  • Takes away frouser experience.
  • If you set a price per month, you can’t make any more even if you double you traffic.
  • Advertisers will come and go, you have to spend time editing, adding, deleting and finding more advertisers.

Create a Good Job Board

This works likes by every one: Many Peoples looking to hire someone will post a job on your board and other readers will apply for the same job as posted. This is a good method of monetizing your website which I have seen done by a lot of websites owners.
On the other hand, I have seen many smaller blogs try to do this and completely fails because it’s competitive and if you can’t send them anyone to apply. If you are looking for an example of a Job Board, check out many Pro bloggers in Google. (Also See: How to Make Money by WordPress.com blog?)
There are many Job Board plugins and software for these websites. In the past I was using Jobpress with WordPress and it was working well for me. You will want to use some of your advertising space to promote the job board so that readers will see it and apply for jobs.
I recommend you to Charge much low at the starting for a new listing so that you can attract some more customers and if they received applications they will be very happy to return.
Product Selling Services
Selling services is a popular technique mostly peoples use to earn money from a blog or website and it is often the reason for all of them making a blog in the first step. They want more clients or customers, for this they need to get huge traffic and blogs are best for that!

Let take an example anyone selling services is Underground Wellness.

Easiest way is to start selling advertising on your website or blog is to create a one new page within WordPress or Blogger and call its services. Here you can display about your service, buy now button and testimonials.

For websites earning less than $5,000 a month, I recommend you to use Paypal buy buttons for your payment gateway; this is straight forward to install and makes your life easy for the customer.
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