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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Best URL Shorten Services to Make Money Online

  GAURAV MISHRA       Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Earn Money Now with Best Shortening Services Network. Make Money with URL Shorten Service and this is the best way for making money online; these are the quick ways to make money on internet(See Also: Ways to Earn Money on the Internet)
If you are having high traffic from these countries United States(US), Canada, United Kingdom then this is more potential for making money from these short URLs. Some URL shortener service providers pay around $4 – $8/1000 visitors. Let’s find out some Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Now with these Sites that pays for every click by visitors. Get Shorten URL and Earn Money at home without any investment.

If you’re looking for best URL shortening services, you can find out lots of them. Of course these many sites are not the same, I have created this about the best URL shortening services network, and you can get some useful information. However, many readers ask me about more websites that are great and paying. So, I want to show you some additional good sites in the list and all of them are great paying, and you can make some extra income from these shorten links. As I am earning money with URL Shortener Advertising Network.(See Also: Useful Ways for Extra Earning)
How to Earn Money from URL shortening providers?
Step 1: Sign up with URL Shorterner Provider (Top 2 Site List Below).
Step 2: Just Copy your or any links and create short URLs from your account.
Step 3: Share them with your social media, friends, websites, download links.
Step 4: When someone click on links, they will redirected to 5 seconds advertisements.
Step 5: After 5 Sec viewers can also skip the ads and original content will appear
Step 6: Your task completed and now check your account, you will get some money
Alexa Rank : 173
Age : 30  April 2009
PR : 4
Adfly is the one of the leader in URL shortening network services, they have one of the  biggest publishing network in shorten industry. Adfly has paid for many years, and thousands of blogger and website owners are making a good earning with them. I don’t like with this Adfly is their ads about downloading new software.
Few of their biggest advertiser ads are in the form of pop-up and their user is required to close it in order to proceed for next step. That’s not a very good option for your own viewers, especially for the user experience.
However, Adfly is a very good company that pays and you can check in your account. The minimum payment is $5. They will pay you on the 5th day of every month via Payza, PayPal and Payoneer.
Adfly is usually used by the majority of files sharing blogs or websites. They will publish a brief advertisement on your blog duration of 5 seconds before proceeding to the main page or website. If your traffic comes from the Canada, United States, Australia and the UK, your earning will be big if you have a higher traffic website or blog. You can also earn with URL Shortener Network and get paid referrer income too.
Alexa Rank : 10092
Age : 2 June 2012
PR : 2
As many other URL shortening networks, Shorte offer a great variety of earning services and technologies that can make a change the way you’re monetizing your website, blog forum? Whenever your links are shared on social networks can be monetized also and you can earn some money. It’s a great URL shortening service network for twitter, Facebook and any network where people or community shares your links. All you need to do is installing their great WordPress plugin and set your own options.
This WordPress plugin can turn all your blogs or websites links into short links, and earn you money every time any visitors click on your link and just watch a 5-second advertisements on the page. By this why the Shorte ads are very high quality in general, and you no to be worries about spam links that other programs advertize. Your blog visitors will see great ads and you earn good money depending on your own traffic source.(See Also: Five Ways to Start Making Money Today)
Shorte is one of the important URL shortening services and this is an amazing social share monetization widget in your blog. You can also replace your actual social sharing tools and everyone a visitor wants to share your posts, and ads will shown before proceeding to the destination, that’s an good additional tool to earn more money.
The mass shrinker tool is also a very powerful way to shorten lots of links at once by which you can earn money now at home. This tool is useful for all peoples with their thousands of links and they want to make their things easier.
The minimum payout for shorten is only $5 and you will paid by PayPal, Payoneer users minimum payment is $20. All Payments you will receive automatically on the 10th of every month.
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