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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How to make money with Facebook Ads within One Week

  GAURAV MISHRA       Tuesday, 31 March 2015
Make Money online with Teespring Now days Facebook have placed some restrictions on age group targeting due to this tactic becoming popular in worldwide.
Whilst the exact targeting customers may no longer work, this is a lesson in which you will learn in this case study still apply and making money with TeeSpring is still much possible. I know some guys are doing 4-5 figures per month.
Today I have decided to tell you a little case study I conducted to prove that anyone can make money with Facebook ads, with little to no experience and minimal upfront costs.(Also See:Make Money by providing Backlinks to Website Owners)
This is not only one of my niche website ideas, however it did have lots promise and would be quick and easy to set up and test the market.
In a little over 10 days I made over $500 profit, with having zero experience and very low upfront costs. This case study I provide will allow you to take this best method and you can make money over $1,700 per month.

Steps for making money with TeeSpring
T Shirt Photo

As with everything on Earn Money Now Income, let’s jump in right into the very good stuff.
The website I used to make my profit is TeeSpring.com
Many of you do not know about TeeSpring, essentially it allows everyone to design t-shirts (for free of cost) that you may promote and sell. All these T-shirts are not printed until you hit a sales goal.
This business plan of TeeSpring’s  is very simple and easy for making money. They have taken a proven model of selling their t-shirts and mixed that with the Groupon model of g
roup buying.
I suggest you to choose a minimum number of tee’s you will sell before they go to for printing. This trick is choosing a volume of persons that is high to make a nice return on investment (the higher set the sales target will be the cheaper your price per tee = more making money) but also setting the actual sales price per t-shirt, to a price you think peoples are ready to pay.(Also See: 5 High Paying Part Time Jobs)
Later in this study, you will be explained how you can hit the target with your campaign.
This is a result from my campaign which ended on dated 14th April. (This is a fresh sale Campaign!)

How to Set Up TeeSpring Campaign?

Fellow Tespring
Starting with TeeSpring campaign is very simple and very few steps away by clicks and your all set. You can check out their “How Teespring Works” guide, but if you are anything like me you can just drive right in a figure things out.
However, here is one most important key element we need before starting this campaign and that is a t-shirt design. I had picked up an illustrator on oDesk that charged $20 /hour. This could tell you 1-2 some attractive designs in that time so it was minimal investment. To be honest you could completely skip this step if you have even mediocre Photoshop skills, I was impatient!
I suggest you the design on the T-Shirt must be very simple with one stylist logo.
You may find some great designs like this and you can also do something similar or better than others. My research shows that these campaigns are being promoted to an already engaged audience on some huge Facebook fan pages.
If you already have your audiences then go for it, otherwise just keep it simple.

How to target your audience?

Below are the some useful points for making more tees.
Try to use my design as an example;
  •  I used the very standard t-shirt style and just used 2-3 colors (Black & White) the more colors many be the higher the base price
  • I set the decent sales target of 30
  • I set my price per tee at $19.95
  • My base costs per tee are $8.30
The blue box at the bottom of the site will show a new feature of TeeSpring that didn’t exist when I created my campaign. It is very essential for you to choose various styles of your designs and also what colors combinations are available to order. Previously this information will be shared to you by emailed to TeeSpring once you launched the campaign.(Also See: PPC Advertising Sites for Online Work)

How to Set your Tee Price?

For me, $19.95 was the Tee price I went with. You may see a variation in prices as you will do research, however mostly it will be around the $20 mark.
This is much enough for you to make a nice profit and also not too much to make people think about buying.
Do your homework research and have a play around with the numbers in TeeSpring. This TeesSpring will auto calculate your potential earning money for the campaign just be sure to set a much reasonable sale target and price.

How to get huge Traffic for TeeSpring?

This is the most important key element for a successful campaign. TeeSpring will suggest you for sharing your campaign URL with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Well I’m not much sure about you but if you want a decent amount of sales, you all are going to have targeted audience a bit better than that!

How to make money with Facebook Ads?

Basically strategy is How to make traffic on your productinvolves using your Facebook ads, and getting the cost per sale down to a level that allows us to be profitable for us.
As I suggest you to initial plan is to use the ‘custom audience’ feature to target people’s names. However you are no longer able to use a custom audience combined with a TeeSpring campaign. You all can try, however your ads will be rejected.
So the problem is how to get traffic on your specific niche?
We are going to get traffic audience by the rules and use what Facebook are offering.
In this example campaign below, you can know the exact ad how to get traffic used to drive over 50 sales in your campaign which results in $500+ profit.(Also See:How you can make money through Google AdSense)

How ad works in earning money?

To be honest I want to tell you ad was a set and forget. It means I did nothing to improve the ad once it has been launched, beyond I increased my daily ad spend once I had a proven campaign (which is decided by the spreadsheet below).

However as you can see the ad do well?

  1. Over 1,500 Likes, 165 comments and 430 shares. That is very nice engagement of audience and it helped me to keep my CPC down.
  2. The targeting countries are UK & US citizens only aged 40 with an upcoming birthday
  3. The performance is summarized in box #2 – over 4,900 actions from just my single Facebook Ad!

Thanks for reading How to make money with Facebook Ads within One Week

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