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Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to Make Money with Bidvertiser (Extra Way for Earning)

  GAURAV MISHRA       Thursday, 26 March 2015
When I have started as a blogger, Adsense was the only good monetization way to me for making money. With the passage of some time I came to know that Google Adsense is not the only program out there. There are many alternatives of Google Adsense.
Manke Money PhotoWhile Adsense is still the best advertising network in this advertising industry, you can also consider some alternative option for increasing your revenue. A while back I’ve written many posts about some  Alternative option for Adsense. Bidvertiser is one of best alternative option for online earning.
Actually it’s very hard to say that Bidvertiser is alternative for Adsense. It depends on you what works for you best. What works for me may be not work for you. So I would suggest you to do A or B testing to find out what would be best for you.
Today I am going to give you some useful information about Bidvertiser which is considered as best option for Adsense. If you not got approved by Adsense or Adsense banned your account, read on. I will tell you how to make money with Bidvertiser with some extra way.
What is Bidvertiser? How does it Work?
Bidvertiser is one of the best advertising network like Adsense. It’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising company founded in year 2003. Bidvertise has started its journey on the same year as Adsense did. So you can also trust on Bidvertiser.
The way that Bidvertiser works is some different from other advertising networks. While some of the ad networks show their ads based on website context or interest of the visitors, but Bidvertiser creates a unique bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertize their ad on your site. So if you are having a quality site, you’ll have the good chance to get paid for it. You will be paid for clicks, not for impressions. It also pays some extra revenue for conversions.
Bidvertiser Vs Adsense
Bidvertiser is a best alternative of Adsense. As some of the Bidvertisers ads look like Adsense ads, you should not use both ads alongside. But it’s good working to use Bidvertiser ads with Adsense ads. The rate of PPCof Bidvertiser is comparatively lower than Adsense. It will increase your PPC if you stay longer time with Bidvertiser as it takes much time to get your site found by highest bidders.
Bidvertiser, What type of Ads they use to Serve?
Bidvertiser offers you 3 ways to make money from your blog / Website.
1. Ad Formats
Bidvertiser Ad Format
BidVertiser supports 3 types of groups of ads: Inline Ads, Banners, and Skyscrapers. All ads are customizable to fit the site’s look & feel. All these ads look like Adsense ads.
2. Toolbar Creator
Bidvertiser Tool Creator

You can use to create and distribute your own customized toolbar to make money. To be honest, I have not tried this option. And I don’t think peoples are installing this toolbar.
3. XML Feeds
Bidvertiser XML Feeds

XML Feeds will allow your website to place Bidvertiser ads in your website search results or web apps.

How to Start With Bidvertise?

I assume that you are having blog where you want to add Bidvertiser ads.
At first, you have to create an account with Bidvertiser.
Just click Bidvertiser.com and follow on “Join Now – It’s FREE”. Then enter your Name with full account details and copy activation code from your own Email and paste it on proper field as per requirement.
Your account will be approved same day and you can start getting ads on your blog.
To get started, click on ‘Add new Bidvertiser’ tab and fill your website URL. Now you have to choose a type of category for your website.
Once you have completed instructions, you will be redirected to the Bidvertiser center where you’ll find all type of ad units. Just click on ‘Get Ad Code’ to make ad unit code.
Bidvertiser Get Ad Code

Just Copy and paste the code as you have generated and place it where you want to show ads on your blog.
You’ll get Bidvertiser new ads on your blog within few seconds.
Revenue stats will be updated once in 24 hours during a business days only and once in 72 hours on weekends. It will not show the real time earning as like Adsense. It shows something call ‘Revenue Points’ in place of number of clicks and pay per click. Actually I not like it not user-friendly.
Bidvertiser Referral Program – Extra way for money making
As I said I’ll show you some extra way for making money, I am going to introduce you to New Bidvertiser Referral Program.
Yes, Bidvertiser Referral Program will pay you if you can refer some advertisers and publishers to them. You need to do is, promote Bidvertiser Program on your blog. Peoples are searching for some alternative of Adsense as it’s very hard to get approved by Adsense. We can promote Bidvertiser Program on your blog as an Adsense alternative.

How will Bidvertiser pay to you? 

  • Whenever your referred advertiser spends $10, you’ll earn $5. When the same advertiser spends $50, you’ll get some additional $20.
  • Whenever your referred publisher earns $10, you’ll get $10. When the same publisher earns $50, you will also get additional $40.
I working as an affiliate for Bidvertiser and it really working great for me. As I Hope it’ll work for you too also.
Payment Options Bidvertiser – How will you get paid?
Bidvertiser gives payment via check or PayPal monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. Minimum amount is $10 for PayPal and $50 for check. If you have make money less then minimum payment, your balance will be carried over to the next coming month and paid out once you have earned the minimum amount.

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