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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How to Make Money by WordPress.com blog?

  GAURAV MISHRA       Wednesday, 25 February 2015
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You can start WordPress.com blogging on any stage and you are wondering how you can make money from it? To monetize your WordPress.com blog to see the different options if yes, this is a detailed guide. Blogging with new and just starting a blog, you need to know about different variation of WordPress. And it will required approval from WordPress.com so do not stop working your Blog.
WordPress provides two ways to make your blog:
WordPress.com: Easy for anyone to quickly start a blog, which is platform independent? This is a good platform to start your first blog, but I have several limitations of this forum, as long as it would not be recommended to stick to. I talk about that in a minute let's have a look at the other variation.
WordPress.org: This is also where you host your blog on your own server itself is known as the host platform. It requires a bit of technical knowledge (not much though) and a profit.
You should check this out at WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org platform guide to learn everything about both the benefits and limitations of the platform to understand.
You stage and ready to monetize your existing WordPress.com blog about both are understood Now and start making money now, read more..
Free WordPress.com different ways to make money from blogs?
Before I share all the options available, you cannot use AdSense on your WordPress.com blog that should know. Google AdSense advertising program popular for hobby and professional bloggers. Here you can learn about Adsense, and is now allowed to monetize your blog is being used by others, to look at other options.
Note: If you are an enterprise WordPress.com VIP user, you can run your own ads with AdSense ads.
Advertising solutions for WordAds WordPress.com. WordPress.com is available for every user, but you have to accept it for WordAds need to apply for. I already own free blog hosting WordPress otherwise cover the cost of advertising on the show, everyone should apply for WordPress.com users WordAds believe. WordAds by using the ads for you to earn money from your blog will be. It is simple and easy. From here you can request an invitation. (Make sure you are logged into your WordPress.com account, be sure). Here I detail WordAds talks about his experience with the two articles which are found on the Internet.
Dennis WordAds reviewed here
About WordAds important point:
In your dashboard> WordAds - you can check the settings earning his WordAds.
WordAds for perception and pays for clicks, get more traffic on your own site , you will earn more.
WordAds traffic from the US or European countries who will work better for bloggers.
You need to earn to pay a minimum of $ 100 and PayPal payment mode. If you do not have a PayPal ID, to make one for free here. It takes time to reach the $ 100 threshold Also, do not get frustrated. Remember nothing is better.
Getting approval WordAds your blog and blog (topic) you are running, depending on what kind of monthly traffic.
You use WordAds custom domain name for your WordPress.com blog requires. (Why not instead of a self-hosted blog?)
Useful links: WordAds topics. The officially recommended for WordPress.com blogs are run WordAds topics.

So once you anymore, it's the legs will start to make money without working for you that you can apply for approved WordAds was about.

Thanks for reading How to Make Money by WordPress.com blog?

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